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Shenyang to open New Year Goods Fair
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2024-01-24

The Chinese New Year always comes along with purchasing New Year goods.As the Chinese New Year approaches and the festive atmosphere is stronger.Shenyang Supply and Marketing New Year Goods Fair is about to kick off.

Let's go to the fair, have a feast,enjoy folk customs and watch performances!

New Year Goods Fair

Shenyang Supply and Marketing New Year Goods Fair serving as the first fair of the 2024 Shenyang Supply and Marketing Fair Serial Activities, will be held from January 27 to February 4 at the Shengjing Datiandi in Tiexi District, and a sub-venue will be set at the Shengjing Outlets in Hunnan District. When the time comes, the fair will feature nearly 1,000 high-quality New Year products brought by more than 100 exhibitors.

The feast activity will offer representative specialty foods from 14 prefecture-level cities in Liaoning, and invite over 100 people to dinner, including college students who stay in Shenyang during the winter vacation and rural individuals who lead others out of poverty. Moreover, pork stew, steamed blood sausage and other traditional Northeastern cuisines will be freshly made on site for visitors to taste for free.

For the show activity, the performance team of Nanfeng Grand Theater will be specially invited to perform at the shared hall on the basement first floor of Shengjing Datiandi from 12:00 to 14:00 on January 27, February 2, February 3 and February 4.

During the event, people who visit the fair at the Shengjing Datiandi in Tiexi District, can participate in on-site activities according to the rules to get free holiday gifts.

Let's go to the fair on Saturday!