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Performances and exhibitions in Shenyang
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-12-05

When it comes to the most lively places in Shenyang in winter,besides ice rinks and ski resorts,it must be theaters and museums.

In the cold days,it is enjoyable to go to theaters to watch a show, listen to a concert,or walk into a museum to learn about history.Take a look at what are the exciting performances and exhibitions in Shenyang recently!

Boutique Drama Watching Season

The Shengjing Grand Theater introduces the ballet Swan Lake performed by the Moscow classic ballet and popular suspense comedies of Mahua FunAge.Small theaters throughout the city will hold performances such as children's dramas, concerts, cross-talk and talk shows.In addition, 2024 Shenyang New Year Concert, 2024 Shenyang Spring Festival Opera Gala, and 2024 Shenyang Mass Culture Spring Festival Gala will also be presented.

Culture and Art Exhibition Season

Shenyang Academy of Painting and Calligraphy launches the "Famous Masters, Famous Paintings and the Famous City: New Era and New Shenyang Art Exhibition", while the Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum launches the "Museum Collection of Green Landscape Painting Exhibition".Moreover, other museums, cultural venues and cultural and artistic spaces such as Shenyang Museum, Shenyang "9.18" Historical Museum and Hongmei Park will also launch exhibitions with their own unique features.

"City Art Linkage" Series

Shenyang Modern Metropolitan Area will select excellent stage art works with regional cultural characteristics to create the "Shenyang Modern Metropolitan Area Performing Arts Alliance Boutique Evening Gala", to achieve complementary advantages in performing arts resources and promote the exchange of tourism resources.

Come to Shenyang to play ice and snow,and watch popular performances!