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Overseas Chinese media trip to Liaoning
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-11-29

On November 28, the "Chasing Dreams in China - Open and Innovative Liaoning" 2023 overseas Chinese media trip to Liaoning was launched in Shenyang.Representatives from 15 overseas Chinese media from Malaysia, Australia, Russia, the United States, Germany, Canada, France, Egypt and other countries and regions, as well as 5 central media involving overseas Chinese, participated in this event.

After the launch ceremony, the guests embarked on a journey of in-depth interview and survey.They visited Neusoft Medical System Co., Ltd., Shenyang SIASUN Robot and Automation Co., Ltd., Shenyang Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Liaoning Provincial Museum, Sunline International Medical Industry Park, the Memorial Hall of the Former Site of CPC's Manchuria Provincial Committee, Laobeishi and other places to understand Shenyang's achievements in industrial transformation, scientific and technological innovation, culture and tourism, as well as new changes in the lives of citizens.

"I was very amazed and shocked by the strong momentum of high-quality and innovative development of Shenyang during this trip. Especially when we visited Neusoft Group and SIASUN Robotics, we deeply felt that Shenyang in our eyes is completely different from the description that we heard outside the city. It can be said to be a R&D base for industrial robots, as well as an innovation base," said James (Chuangong) Ren, chairman of Australia Aus-China TV Media.

The event will last for 7 days. Next, the interview team will continue to record the beautiful moments of Liaoning with their lens, write touching stories of Liaoning with their pens, measure the magical and rich land of Liaoning with their footsteps, and tell the story of Liaoning's revitalization to the world.