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Shenyang Crosstalk Gala to kick off
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-11-06

The Shenyang Crosstalk Gala and Shenyang Quyi Troupe Special Evening will be held at the Opera Hall of Shengjing Grand Theater on the evening of November 10.

The Shenyang Crosstalk Gala,which was once popular in the 1940s and 1950s,will restart the "laugh mode" after many years!

Shenyang Crosstalk is one of the outstanding schools in the national crosstalk circle, and a Liaoning provincial intangible cultural heritage protection project.It has created a brilliant tripartite confrontation relationship with Beijing Crosstalk and Tianjin Crosstalk.

11 programs will be staged in the gala, including 5 crosstalk shows, 2 comedy sketches, 1 storytelling, 1 performance of Dongbei Dagu (big drum recitative) and 1 song.Artists from Beijing and Xi'an as well as young performers from Shenyang Quyi Troupe will perform on the same stage.

The performing artists include Liu Lanfang, a renowned storytelling performing artist, former Vice Chairman of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Chairman of the China Quyi Artists Association; Gong Hanlin and Jin Zhu, famous comedy performing artists who previously worked at Shenyang Quyi Troupe; Miao Fu and Wang Sheng, famous crosstalk actors from Shaanxi Youth Folk Arts Club.

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