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"Across Mountains and Seas" is released
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-11-15

The video "Across Mountains and Seas" for Shenyang's investment promotion was officially released!The English and French versions were released synchronously!

The video shows the new atmosphere and image of the city and provides an opportunity for investors from all walks of life to understand the city development.It will lead you to invest in Shenyang across mountains and seas.

English Version

Location Advantage

There is no mountain that can not be scaled.

Transport logistics and various resources from all around the world enjoy great facilitation and growth in Shenyang.

Urban Function Level

Continuous breakthrough and upgrading achieve development.

The modernized Shenyang city cluster presents a great space and market for business with endless potentials and possibilities.

Prosperity recognizes no border.

To build a national central city,Shenyang is making tremendous efforts in accelerating its development and abounds with hope and potential for success.

Industry System

Shenyang lays the foundation stone of industry in China.

36 of 41 industrial categories nationwide are in Shenyang.It is the cornerstone in building a nationally advanced manufacturing hub and the basis for building a modernized manufacturing system for Shenyang.

"Shenyang smart manufacturing" is more dedicated to innovation.

Time-honoured brands and new brands gain mutual achievements.A thorough integration of industrial digitization and digital industrialization unleashes rich city application scenarios and investment space.This accelerates the formation of new quality productive forces and strengthens new drivers of development.

Business Environment

Shenyang has been named as a benchmark city for business environment in China twice in a row.

Upgrade business environment after continuous iterations refreshes the city in its efficiency and vitality.

Human and City

Thousands of students become the "new growth drivers" of the city development.

Shenyang has 45 institutions and universities of different categories,and 1,457 sci-tech innovation platforms of different categories and levels,with 75 national-level platforms.An open friendly dynamic modern and international Shenyang boasts youth-friendly boroughs and fosters talents.

Even mountains and seas cannot distance people with common aspirations.Shenyang,a city favorable to both living and working,satisfies those at home and attracts ones from afar.A beautiful story of common pursuit and growth between the city and its citizens is wrought in this beautiful city.