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New breakthrough on the collections
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-10-09

Good news comes from the Industrial Museum of China!The 171 precious cultural relics in the Industrial Museum of China have been identified as first-grade, second-grade,and third-grade cultural relics.The Industrial Museum of China has achieved a breakthrough from zero on the collections of national first-grade and second-grade cultural relics!

The identification of cultural relics grade is a professional, meticulous and rigorous work.Cultural relics experts held multiple argumentation meetings to conduct research and analysis on the collection from various aspects such as category, texture, age, name, morphological characteristics and historical value of cultural relics.

After strict screening and judgment, it was finally determined that a total of 10 collections were identified as national first grade cultural relic, including the ZIM Car made in the former Soviet Union that Song Qingling had ridden in 1950, "the first metal National Emblem of the People's Republic of China" in the 1950s, the flat roof tiles used in nuclear power buildings, and a set of 7 smelting facilities of the Shenyang Foundry in the 1950s; 67 collections including the C630 machine tool manufactured by Shenyang No.1 Machine Tool Factory in 1960 and the first branch pipe mold in China in 1986 were identified as national second grade cultural relics; 94 collections were designated as third grade cultural relics.

One exhibit tells one story.It is like a red line connecting emotions and spirit,as well as culture and history,which not only takes us through time,but also lets us appreciate the trajectory of the times and industrial development and builds a proud and upward spiritual tower of Chinese industry.

Explore the story of Chinese industry at the Industrial Museum of China!