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Chinese opera feasts to be staged in Shenyang
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-10-09

Elite actors from 13 genres of Chinese operas and renowned opera masters will gather to give performances!Come to Shenyang to enjoy the operas!

From October 14 to 18,"The Voice of Chinese Operas" Invitational Competition for National Young Leading Talents in Chinese Operas will be held at the Shengjing Grand Theater.

A total of 16 young contestants will participate in this competition, all of whom were strictly selected by the competition organizing committee nationwide. They are the young leading talents in the corresponding genres of Chinese operas.13 different genres of Chinese operas from all over the country will be performed on the same stage. Moreover, various roles such as Elderly, Young, Main Female, and Vivacious and Unmarried Women will make their appearances.

Here come the viewing channels!

During the opening and closing ceremonies with luxurious lineup and the three-day youth competition, a large number of people-benefit tickets will be provided. Online ticket purchase and event viewing booking channels for the competition can be gained via the WeChat official account of Shengjing Grand Theater.

In addition, in order to provide the simplest, most convenient and directest way for more friends to experience the charm of the operas and enjoy various audio-visual feasts, the competition will be live broadcast across multiple platforms for 5 consecutive days simultaneously.

During the live streaming process of the competition, Shenyang cultural and tourist elements will be deeply integrated in it.Famous judges will visit cultural sites representing Shenyang's local cultural characteristics, such as the Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum, the Industrial Museum of China, the Hongmei Park and the Laobeishi Scenic Area, to explore Shenyang's historical culture, red culture, industrial culture and national culture.The competition will also vividly promote Shenyang's cultural and tourist resources and Shenyang's unique cuisines during intermissions and on-site interactions.

Shenyang is filled with operas and excitements.Mark this programme schedule and enjoy the Chinese operas!