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Exhibition of ancient packing utensils kicks off
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-09-28

On September 27,the "Exhibition of Ancient Packing Utensils in the Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum" was held in Feilong Pavilion and Xiangfeng Pavilion.

This exhibition is the first thematic exhibition with the theme of "packing utensils" in the Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum. The exhibition is divided into four units: "Zhong Li Cang Zhen", "Wen Qu Ya Cheng", "Sheng Huo Lian Zhi" and "Duo Cai Xia Zhuang".More than 70 sets of cultural relics such as box, case, casket and bag collected by the Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum are exhibited to showcase the packing utensil culture which integrates ancient Chinese craftsmanship and ingenious ideas.

Zhong Li Cang Zhen

The "Zhong Li Cang Zhen" unit mainly showcases the royal court packing utensils produced by internal affairs office of the Qing Dynasty.These packing utensils are made of high-quality materials such as red sandalwood, nanmu, enamel, gold and silver. Many packing utensils must be previewed and approved by the emperor before they can be made.

Wen Qu Ya Cheng

The "Wen Qu Ya Cheng" unit mainly displays the royal court packing utensils for the works of poetry, calligraphy and painting and the articles for entertainment and appreciation of the Qing Dynasty, with typical court style and distinct characteristics of the times in terms of decoration techniques and patterns.

Sheng Huo Lian Zhi

The "Sheng Huo Lian Zhi" unit mainly exhibits the packing utensils for daily living accessories.This kind of packing utensil not only attaches importance to the protection function for cultural relics, but also emphasizes aesthetic taste.

Duo Cai Xia Zhuang

The "Duo Cai Xia Zhuang" unit exhibits the packing utensils mostly used to hold irregularly shaped articles such as messenger boards, bows and arrows, and steels for flint.This kind of packing utensil is designed based on the articles contained in them and showcase the combination of articles and utensils.

During the two festivals,the opening hour of Shenyang Imperial Palace Museum will be one hour earlier and the close time will be half an hour later than usual.Go and view the exhibition!