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The exhibition of Chahai Culture kicks off
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-09-22

The Tour Exhibition of Historical and Cultural Pictures of the Shenyang Modern Metropolitan Area launched the first station!

On September 21,"Origin of Jade Dragon,Hometown of Civilization:Fuxin 8,000-Year Chahai Culture Exhibition" was held in the cultural and leisure area on the second floor of Shenyang Museum.The exhibition will last two months.

Chahai site is a Neolithic settlement site discovered earlier in the Liaohe River Basin in northern China, with complete preservation and rich cultural connotations. It is one of the main sources of Hongshan Culture. About 8,000 years ago, Chahai people made and used polished stone tools, made and fired pottery, built houses, settled down and farmed here.

Chahai people mastered highly difficult techniques for exploiting the jade and were able to use real jade to make various production tools, decorations and funeral offerings. The jade artifacts unearthed from the Chahai site are known as the "world's first real jade", which is the beginning of Chinese jade culture.

Chahai people worshiped the totem image of the dragon. They sculpted it on pottery, and also piled up a flying giant dragon with stones in the center of the settlement site. It is the earliest and largest dragon image discovered in the Neolithic archaeology in China, which can be called the "first dragon in China". Therefore, Fuxin is known as the "hometown of the jade dragon" by the archaeological community.

This exhibition adopts the form of pictures and words to intuitively lead visitors to the archaeological site. It fully showcases the life and spiritual world of Chahai people from settlement houses, stoves and pits to tombs, sacrifices and totem carvings.

In the Shenyang Museum,there is a story took place 8,000 years ago waiting for you.Let's go to the exhibition!