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Shenyang releases 553 scenario projects
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-09-22

On September 21,the Opening-up Conference of Shenyang was held in Shenyang Innovation World.

Shenyang released policy measures to further optimize the foreign investment environment and increase efforts to attract foreign investment.In particular,as the list of a new batch of "Five Types of Economy" application scenario projects was released,more urban opportunities were released.

At this conference, a total of 553 scenario projects were launched, releasing investment and cooperation opportunities worth a total of CNY 739.826 billion.

The scenario projects include: in innovative economy, 265 scenarios have been launched, focusing on developing the future transportation, intelligent manufacturing, etc; in open economy, 37 scenarios have been launched, focusing on developing the cross-border e-commerce, channel hub, etc; in service-oriented economy, 153 scenarios have been launched, focusing on developing the culture and tourism integration, high quality life, etc; in web traffic economy, 52 scenarios have been launched, focusing on developing e-commerce live streaming, developing short video, etc; in headquarters-oriented economy, 46 scenarios have been launched, focusing on creating innovative R&D headquarters, creating equipment manufacturing headquarters, etc.

In recent years, Shenyang has anchored the overall goal of the construction of a national central city, accelerated the construction of an important gateway to open up to the north and an international central city in Northeast Asia, implemented opening-up in a broader scope, in a wider area and at a deeper level, and achieved solid results.By 2025, the cumulative actual utilization of foreign investment in the city over the past three years will reach USD 5 billion, the domestic investment introduced and paid will be CNY 540 billion and the foreign trade import and export volume will be CNY 500 billion.

Opening-up leads the development,and cooperation wins the future!Welcome to Shenyang and share the brilliance with the city!