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Home court of Liaoning Men's Basketball Team is ready
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-03-01

After three years,

CBA restarted

the Home-and-guest-court System.

Liaoning Men's Basketball Team

will also usher in

its first home game on March 6.

February 28

is the first day for tickets selling

of Liaoning Men's Basketball Team's

home game

in the third stage of the league.

The scene

of hot sales online and offline

indicates that

Liaoning Gymnasium

will be full of fans for the first time

after three years.

In order to meet

the long-lost home game

of Liaoning Men's Basketball Team,

Liaoning Gymnasium has been upgraded.

The biggest difference from the previous home court is that the color of the court floor has been changed from purple, the original color, to green. The reason why the color is changed is mainly inspired by the green urban version  jerseys of the Liaoning Men's Basketball Team.The LED funnel screen and audio system in the stadium will also provide fans with a first-class "audio-visual feast".

At present, Liaoning Gymnasium has completed the full coverage of 5G signals of the three telecom carriers, so that fans can have a smooth network experience when watching the games on the spot.

Here comes the game schedule

of Liaoning Men's Basketball Team

in the third stage!

Don't miss it!



of the Liaoning Men's Basketball Team

in the third stage

will start!

Let's cheer for them!