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Enjoy ice and snow at all seasons in Shenyang
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-02-28

Have you experienced

the pleasure of ice and snow

in winter?

Haven't you had enough fun?

Take it easy!

Ice and snow can be enjoyed

at all seasons in Shenyang!

On February 27,

the launching ceremony

of the 2023 Baiqingzhai

International Ice and Snow Festival

was held

at the Baiqingzhai Skiing Resort

of Shenyang Sport University.

With the rise

of "ice and snow at all seasons",

Shenyang ice and snow events

will be held from winter to summer,

and this series of activities

will also run throughout the year.

The ice and snow festival starts with the launching ceremony, and there are three sections and five series of activities throughout the year, including hiring ice and snow image ambassadors, holding ice and snow forums, carrying out ice and snow entering campus activities, visiting the training base of the national team, and designing trendy spots, ice and snow camping and other activities.

In addition, the festival will carry out international high-level professional events of ice and snow in a planned way, constantly improve the construction of ice and snow venues and facilities, and plan to implement actions such as ice and snow event guidance, ice and snow training innovation, and ice and snow popularization for the public.

The ice and snow festival plans to carry out ice and snow entering campus activities in June. First, it will focus on roller skating training to help children lay a good foundation. Then, the festival will cooperate with many schools in Sujiatun District to carry out various ice and snow events in October.

Come to Shenyang

to enjoy ice and snow at all seasons!