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Five leading industries in Hunnan
Source: China Daily 2023-03-08

A total of 49 projects in Hunnan district of Shenyang, Liaoning province, were signed on-site with a total value of 85.5 billion yuan ($12.32 billion) at the first batch of project signing and construction activities held in the city in Northeast China.

Jointly developed by China Railway Investment and Hunnan district, the comprehensive development project at the Startup Zone of the Shenyang Hunnan Science and Technology City caught people's attention with the largest investment scale of 15 billion yuan.

China Railway Investment will participate in the design, investment, operation and management of urban renewal and infrastructure construction of the project.

Once completed, it will focus on the development of the five leading industries of advanced materials, intelligent manufacturing, information technology, life and health, and digital cultural creation.

The project strives to create a carrier for the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological innovation achievements, an engine for promoting innovation and digital empowerment and a model of new industries.

Hunnan implements the entire chain of project planning, investment promotion, signing, construction and whole-process management. It will start construction and expand investment.

Since the beginning of this year, Hunnan has carried out "one enterprise, one policy" safeguard measures to meet the needs of construction projects in energy, labor and transportation.

A total of 120 key projects have resumed work and production, including Aero Engine Corporation of China's gas turbine industrial base, the Shenyang Digital Economy Industrial Park, Hunnan Science and Technology City Scientist Workshop and Liaoning Cold Core Semiconductor High-Performance Miniature Thermoelectric Refrigerator Industrialization.

In the next step, Hunnan will intensify efforts to advance projects in their early stages.

A total of 49 projects in Hunnan district are signed during the event. CHINA DAILY