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EVE project brings a "circle of friends"
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-03-21

On March 20, the Event for Groundbreaking of Key Projects in Liaoning Province Q1 2023 was held at the construction site of Shenyang EVE Energy Storage and Power Battery Project, which serves as the main venue.

With the signing and commencement of "ten billion-level" projects such as BMW's New High Voltage Battery Project and Shenyang EVE Energy Storage and Power Battery Project in Tiexi District, an important gap has been filled in Shenyang's new energy power battery industry.

EVE Energy Storage and Power Battery Project, with a total investment of CNY 10 billion, mainly produces energy storage and power batteries, and is scheduled to be officially put into production in 2026.

As a "chain leader" enterprise in the new energy power battery industry chain, EVE started construction in Shenyang this time, and also brought a "circle of friends" with 18 supporting enterprises and 8 financial investment institutions.

After the EVE project is landed, it can play the role of "chain leader", attracting and driving upstream and downstream industry chain enterprises to gather and develop in Shenyang in a relatively short time.

Led by EVE project, Tiexi District has planned a 5-square-kilometer new energy industrial park, supplemented by a high standard chemical industry park, to accelerate the promotion of upstream supporting projects such as new battery materials, electrolyte, positive and negative electrodes, as well as the gathering of downstream supporting projects such as battery recycling and energy storage applications.