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Enterprises set up chief quality officers!
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-03-14

"Thanks to the establishment of the chief quality officer system, our company's manufacturing level has been continuously improved to meet users' personalized, customized and high-quality needs. Last year, the customer satisfaction reached 98%, the customer loyalty reached 91%, and the contract performance rate reached 100%," said the person in charge of Shenyang Haiwei Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd.

In recent years, Shenyang has promoted enterprises above designated size in the city to gradually establish and implement the chief quality officer system, and encouraged enterprises to select excellent quality management talents and appoint them to the forefront of quality management.

Organize enterprises applying for chief quality officers to carry out special education and training in the form of "online+offline"; publicize the excellent quality management modes and innovative achievements of the chief quality officer demonstration enterprises, and drive more enterprises to strengthen quality management; guide and recommend enterprises with industrial advantages, good brand foundations and mature brand evaluation conditions to actively participate in the provincial brand value evaluation and help enterprises understand their own industry positions and enhance brand competitiveness.

While "letting enterprises play the main role and letting the chief quality officer play the leading role", government departments at all levels in Shenyang have put forward thoughtful policies to guide enterprises to strictly control quality and pay close attention to quality improvement. At present, more than 100 enterprises in Shenyang have implemented the chief quality officer system and set up the chief quality officers.

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