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The utilization of solid wastes in Shenyang
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-03-10

The project

is planned to invest CNY 320 million.

When it is completed,

it can process 2.5 million tons

of coal gangue annually,

produce 700 million pieces

of coal gangue sintered bricks,

and recover 80,000 tons

of false middlings,


"turning waste into treasure"!

Shenyang continues to promote the comprehensive utilization of bulk solid wastes and accelerate the construction of a "zero-waste city".

On March 8, the comprehensive utilization project of coal gangue resources in Kangping County, Shenyang City, was stepping up construction.

At present, 95% of the overall project has been completed, and it is planned to be completed and put into operation in April of 2023.

The project will combine the mature technology of making bricks from coal gangue in tunnel kiln, research, develop and synthetize advanced ceramics, new building aggregates and high-end new wall materials, and promote the utilization of coal gangue in engineering construction, treatment of subsidence areas, mine filling, land ecological restoration and other fields.

In the next step, Shenyang will continue to promote the construction of fly ash, coal gangue, smelting slag and other industrial solid wastes' comprehensive utilization projects.

By 2025, the comprehensive utilization rate of general industrial solid wastes will reach 90%.