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New assembly center for CR Express
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-03-06

On March 4, a China-Europe freight train carrying 55 containers of export goods departed from Puhe Logistics Base in Shenyang for Europe, marking the inauguration of China-Europe Freight Train (Shenyang) Assembly Center.

The China-Europe Freight Train (Shenyang) Assembly Center in the Puhe Logistics Base in Shenyang, covers an area of 92,000 square meters, including 80,000 square meters under customs supervision.

It has set up functional areas such as the domestic and foreign trade container storage area, the pre-inspection and pre-quarantine area, the nuclear biochemical disposal area, and the inspection and quarantine disposal area.

At present, the center is large enough for the storage of 3,000 TEUs, with the capacity of handling 1,000 China-Europe freight trains every year.

At present, the China-Europe freight train (Shenyang) has become the China-Europe freight train with the largest scale, the fastest timeliness and efficiency of transportation, the widest line radiation and the best cost-effective in Northeast China.

It has formed a resilient international logistics supply chain, created a new channel for Asia-Europe international transport and built a new platform for open cooperation.

Next, the center will make every effort to build a national China-Europe freight train assembly center, and strive to run over 1,000 freight trains by 2025, speed up the construction of the northeastern sea-land corridor, and promote making new breakthroughs in the high-level opening up.