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33 projects worth CNY 263.3 billion are signed
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-03-02

33 signed projects!

A total contract value

of CNY 263.3 billion!

On March 1,

Docking Conference

for Shenyang City

and Central State-owned Enterprises

to Deepen Cooperation

was successfully held in Beijing.

At the conference, Shenyang signed 33 cooperation projects with a number of central state-owned enterprises, with a total contract value of CNY 263.3 billion.

There are 15 industrial projects, 9 infrastructure projects, 7 service industry projects, 1 energy project and 1 environmental protection project, including the Aerospace Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park Project with a total investment of CNY 15 billion, the Hunnan Wangjiawan Waterfront Industrial Comprehensive Development and Construction Project with a total investment of CNY 40.6 billion, and the Hepingwan Area Comprehensive Development Project with a total investment of CNY 23.4 billion.

Central-local cooperation projects are the powerful "booster" for Shenyang's high-quality development.

By the end of 2022, the total number of central state-owned enterprises and institutions at all levels stationed in Shenyang had reached 675, with a total asset of CNY 1.3178 trillion.

At present, central state-owned enterprises have invested more than 47 new and ongoing projects in Shenyang with a total investment of CNY 255.8 billion, which has made outstanding contributions to Shenyang's implementation of urban development strategy, improvement of urban core functions, guarantee and improvement of people's well-being and promotion of industrial transformation and upgrading.

In the next step, Shenyang will give full play to its advantages in resource endowment, optimize, support and serve the business environment of central state-owned enterprises' reform and development, make good use of central state-owned enterprises' capital increment, management increment, technology increment and intellectual increment, and promote both the overall revitalization of Shenyang and the high-quality development of central state-owned enterprises.