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New wind power project in Shenyang
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2022-12-19

On December 18, the wind power project of POWERCHINA, with a total installed capacity of 150 MW, a total investment of CNY 1.02 billion and an annual design power generation of about 410 million kWh, started construction in Xinmin, Shenyang.

The Xinmin 150 MW wind power project of POWERCHINA is located in Dongshe Shanzi Town and Gongzhutun Town.

It is estimated that the annual grid-connection volume of the project is 407.25 million kWh, and the annual equivalent full load hours is 2,715 hours.

It is reported that the project can provide 407.25 million kWh of electricity for the power grid every year.

Compared with coal-fired power plants, 124,000 tons of standard coals can be saved every year.

Accordingly, the annual emission of sulfur dioxide can be reduced by 97.7 tons, carbon monoxide by 20.7 tons, nitrogen oxide by 97.0 tons, carbon dioxide by 334,000 tons, and soot by 407,000 tons.

The project is an effective supplement to the energy supply of Liaoning Province.

As green electricity, it can also help alleviate the pressure of environmental protection in the power industry, promote the sustainable development of the regional economy, and achieve significant social benefits.

In addition, the construction of wind farm can promote local tourism development and economic construction.