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Highlights of Innovative Achievement Exhibition
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2022-11-08

From November 7 to 8,

2022 Global

Industrial Internet Conference

was held in Shenyang.

Innovative Achievement Exhibition

is the most popular and attractive

during the conference!

The exhibition area

covering 20000 square meters


"great intelligent manufacturing"!

Let's take a look!

A set of machine can complete nucleic acid testing

At the exhibition site,"convenient nucleic acid testing robot"attracted many people's attention.After scanning the code,you can complete the nucleic acid testing by yourself according to the voice instruction.

Large size"portable charger"

In the China Tower exhibition area,there is a device just like an"express cabinet"."This is an intelligent charging station for electric bicycles."The relevant staff said,"This is actually equivalent to a large portable charger,but the charging object has changed from a mobile phone to an electric bicycle."

"Player Vs Computer"

Do you remember the first AI robot"AlphaGo"that defeated a human professional Go player?Now,we can also experience the pleasure of playing the Go with"technology".At the iFLYTEK exhibition site,an audience was playing the Go with a robot named"Yiqi".

Robots give full play to their great abilities

"SIASUN cooperative robot can tighten the engine cylinder block by the tightening module carried at the end and the automatic screw supply system,which has reached the goal of filling the gap of workers and improving production quality."In the SIASUN exhibition area,the staff showed"short torque screw tightening"and said,"Although the display speed is not fast enough,it can be several times faster when it is really applied."

"Great intelligent manufacturing"

will become

the"small but solid happiness"

in real life!

Thumbs up!