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BBA's green manufacturing
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2022-10-28

The BMW Group revealed its new"iFACTORY"strategy in 2022:its revolutionary strategy for automotive production of the future.

Reducing CO₂emissions is one of the central aims of the BMW iFACTORY with its"LEAN,GREEN,DIGITAL"approach.

The BMW Group's goal is to make electric vehicles more"sustainable"throughout its entire life cycle.

Optimized resource utilization and circular economy are the core of GREEN.

The BMW Group is devising site-specific solutions to reduce CO₂ emissions.

In China,BMW Shenyang Production Base also makes solid progress in energy transformation and resource utilization.

It devotes itself to integrating green and sustainable concepts of iFACTORY into all aspects of the entire production base,from production,logistics,supply chain to operation.

Efficient utilization of renewable energy has been the foundation of the sustainable development at BMW Brilliance.

Since 2019,BMW Shenyang Production Base has achieved 100%renewable electricity for power supply in production,contributing to the group-level carbon reduction target in 2030.

At present,there are 290,000 square meters of solar panels at BMW Shenyang Production Base.

By the end of this year,these solar panels will reach the capacity to generate 60,000 MWh and save around 45,000 tons of CO₂emissions annually.

In addition,BBA participated in the"National Green Power Transaction"pilot scheme and completed a green power transaction volume of 2.78 billion kWh,which ranked first nationwide.

These measures will fulfill nearly all of the renewable electricity needs at Shenyang Production Base until 2025.

In addition,the BMW Group actively promotes the circular economy and the utilization of secondary materials,so that key resources and materials can be recycled and reused in a circular and closed-loop economy.

BMW Shenyang Production Base has already realized circular in multiple dimensions in the production process,such as water management and waste management,forming its own Mobius band.

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