Do you know the history of the Hunhe River?
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2020-12-14
Nowadays, people say that the Hunhe River is the mother river of Shenyang people.

The Hunhe River is also known as Shenshui.
In ancient times, the north of the river was called Yang, and Shenyang was named because it was located in the north of Shenshui.

The Hun River was once the largest tributary of the Liaohe River in history.

Now, it is an independent river that flows into the sea and is also the inland river with the most abundant water resources in Liaoning Province.

Human beings farmed, fished and hunted near the Hun River 7200 years ago.

They thrived here and created Xinle culture.

At present, the Hunhe River undertakes the tasks of industrial and agricultural production and domestic water use in the central city cluster of Liaoning Province.

The Hunhe River is the second largest river in Liaoning Province besides the Liaohe River.

With the acceleration of urban development, the Hunhe River has become the central axis of Shenyang's urban development.

As the wasted beaches of the past turned into green areas, a green ecological belt with clear waters and green banks has been formed.

Here, visitors can go boating, take a speedboat, enjoy the fun of water or stroll along the river to enjoy a relaxing time.