Walking into Katowice, Poland
Source: Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Goverment of Shenyang Municipality 2022-07-12

General Information of the city

Located in southern Poland,Katowice is the capital and largest city of the Silesia Voivodeship with a population of 2.2 million.More than half of its area is forest,park and green space.

Katowice is an industrialized city that used to be a center of heavy industry and is now a center of modern technology.On December 11,2015,Katowice was named a creative city by UNESCO as a city of music.

Katowice is also a modern,investor-friendly city where many conferences and major events are held.In 2018,the 24th United Nations Climate Change Conference was held here.

In recent years,Katowice has made significant progress in ecological protection,being the first city in Poland to introduce a "low-emissions economic program".

Katowice has an international conference center with a capacity of 25,000 people,the Grand Concert Hall of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra with world-class acoustics,and the Silesia Museum with its rich collection.Katowice's landmark,the Spodek Arena,is one of the most famous buildings in Poland.Nightlife abounds in the famous Mariacka Street.Popular clubs,bars and fine restaurants are located here,offering Silesian specialties.

City Scenery

▲The symbol of Katowice-double layer heart

The lower black part refers to the traditional and industrial and mining heritage of the city,which is the basis of its image as a metropolis.The colorful upper part symbolizes Katowice as a modern,dynamic,innovative,avant-garde and economically strong city.

▲Katowice City Square and Rava River

▲Aerial view of Katowice Cultural District

▲Night view of Katowice Cultural District

▲Spodek Arena-the most recognizable symbol of Katowice

▲Katowice National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra Building

Katowice is a UNESCO Creative City.

▲The interior scene of the building of Katowice National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra

▲Silesia Museum

▲International Conference Center

▲Night view of Katowice International Conference Center

▲The old mine in Nikisevich District,which was developed in the early 20th century

▲Nikiszewicze District-an example of characteristic architecture

▲Giszewicze District

The residential area fully reflects the architectural characteristics of the Polish "garden city",with a large number of green areas,such as gardens,squares and parks,in the low,loose buildings.

▲Hotels in Giszewicze District

▲The modern look of the city

Katowice was once called the "Chicago of Poland",and modernism is one of the most attractive aspects of Katowice's architecture.

▲Street view of the city

▲The Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice-the top university in Poland

▲Tadeusz Kosciuszko Park-the largest park in the city

▲Kosciuszko Park

▲Katowice ranks third among Polish cities in terms of green space

▲Katowice's Five Ponds Valley

▲Katowice's Three Ponds Valley

▲Katowice is famous for its many festivals

▲Intel Extreme Masters(IEM)

It is a series of international eSports tournaments held in countries around the world,with the season finale held in Katowice.

▲Katowice is known as the "Las Vegas of Poland"

▲Katowice is full of neon advertisements

100 neon advertisements were built centrally in one street.

▲Frescoes in Katowice

▲Jerzy Kukuczka,a famous Polish mountaineer

He was born in Katowice and has climbed the Himalayas.

▲Silesian cuisine is one of the most famous regional cuisines in Poland

The meat rolls wrapped in dumplings and red cabbage originate from Silesia,and Silesian festivals are held every year throughout the voivodeship.The Silesian food street was created in 2012 to promote the cultural heritage.