Walking into Seongnam City, South Korea
Source: Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Goverment of Shenyang Municipality 2022-07-05

General Information of the city

Seongnam,with an area of 142 square kilometers and a population of about 930,000,is located in the southeast of Seoul,bordering Songpa,Gangnam,and Seocho districts of Seoul,and is one of the major cities in South Korea with a population close to one million.Seongnam City and Shenyang City formed a sister city relationship in August 1998,which is the first sister city of Shenyang in South Korea.

With the core objective of building "Asia's Silicon Valley",Seongnam City focuses on the development of knowledge-based economy.It is a center of scientific and technological innovation,as well as a humanistic city that is pleasant to live and work in.The city's Pangyo Techno Valley is the core cluster of Korea's cutting-edge technology research and development and technology innovation industries.It consists of three main sectors:IT/BT/CT/NT and other advanced technology R&D sectors,ICT industry and business incubation sectors,and a collection of financial,cultural,and residential facilities.In addition,Wirye Business Valley,Buntang Venture Valley,Hi-Tech Valley,and Seongnam Baekhyeon MICE Industrial Park are leading the cluster development of commerce,innovation and entrepreneurship,biomedical,and cultural exhibition industries in Seongnam City.Seongnam City is also the core city of South Korea's gaming industry,where a world-class e-sports arena will be built soon.

Seongnam City is home to the former site of Wirye Seong,the capital of Baekje Kingdom during the three kingdoms period.The beautiful natural scenery and the long history and culture complement each other.The famous scenic spots include Peony Five-day Folk Fair ,Namhansan Seong,Bongguk Temple,Central Park,Tancheon Park and so on.Seongnam City is a city full of culture and art,with a variety of cultural and artistic performances,painting exhibitions and photography exhibitions held every year.

City Scenery

▲The panoramic view of Seongnam City from Geomdansan Mountain

▲Night view of Seongnam City from Geomdansan Mountain

▲Seongnam City Hall

The administrative center,civic square,musical fountain and park are fully open to the public all year round.

▲Central Park

Situated in the center of the city,it is an ideal place for leisure and entertainment for the public,surrounded by mountains,rivers and green shade.

▲Seongnam Art Center

A comprehensive cultural venue that combines the functions of an opera house,art gallery and exhibition hall.

▲Pangyo Techno Valley

One of the largest cutting-edge industrial bases in South Korea.

▲Concert in the Park

Seongnam City holds a concert in the park every year,where citizens can enjoy various forms of classical,rock and hip-hop music for free.

▲Bongguk Temple

It was built in 1028 and is the No.101 tangible cultural property of Gyeonggi-do.

▲Oriwon Farm Music Performance

A traditional form of farm music art performance in the Jumei-dong area of Seongnam.

▲Seongnam Medical Center

The first public medical institution in Korea to be established at the initiative of citizens

▲Aerial photo of Seongnam City

▲Sin Hae-cheol Road

The road where the late singer Sin Hae-cheol's studio was located.He was loved by Koreans and his works were widely sung.

▲Cheonlim Mountain Beacon Tower

It is the last beacon on the beacon route between Gyeonggi-do and Hanyang,the capital,and is the No.179 monument of Gyeonggi-do.

▲Pangyo Museum

Exhibition hall of excavated artifacts from the site of the 11th phase of Koguryo and Baekje stone tombs of the three kingdoms period on the Korean Peninsula.

▲Jungja-dong Coffee Street

The exotic coffee street.

▲Job World

The largest career experience hall in Korea.

▲Peony Folklore 5-Day Bazaar

The largest 5-day market in Korea.There is a wide variety of goods such as food,daily necessities,flowers,and herbs.

▲Peony Folklore 5-Day Bazaar

▲Namhan Mountain City Jihwamun Gate

Namhansanseong is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Jihwamun is the southern gate of the mountain city.

▲Sunae-dong Traditional House

It is the mansion of the Hansan Lee clan.It is the No.78 cultural property in Gyeonggi-do.

▲Namhan Mountain City Chicken Congee

This is the representative of Seongnam City.It has been passed down since the 1970s.A must-eat delicacy for visitors to Namhan Mountain City.

▲Seongnam Buntang Makgeolli

Traditional makgeolli from the Buntang area,brewed with traditional techniques.The production is limited to 600 bottles per day.

▲The spring of Tancheon River

In the center of Seongnam City,the Tancheon River flows slowly and cherry blossoms bloom on both sides of the river.

▲The summer of Tancheon River

Among the skyscrapers,the water of Tancheon River is flowing,and the people are laughing and cheering.

▲Taikwong Temple

The Maitreya Buddha enshrined here is 17 meters long and weighs 200 tons.

▲Buntang John's Church

One of the largest churches in the east.

▲Shingu Botanic Garden

It was initially used as a practice base for the landscape architecture program of Shingu University,and was opened to the public in 2001 as a recreational area for the public.

▲Seongnam FC

Seongnam City representative football team

▲Drone Show

City slogan composed of 500 drones-Seongnam City where citizens unite as one

▲ECO VALLEY Air Curtain

The aerial curtain is 600 meters long,displaying 240 pieces of artwork,an art project jointly planned and produced by the citizens of Seongnam City.