Walking into Belfast, the United Kingdom
Source: Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Goverment of Shenyang Municipality 2022-06-10

The general information of the city

Belfast is located at the mouth of the Lagan River in the northeast coast of the Island of Ireland. It was founded in 1888 and has been the capital of Northern Ireland since 1920. It is the political and cultural center, the largest industrial city and seaport of Northern Ireland. Belfast covers an area of 132.5 square kilometers and has a population of about 340,000. It has a temperate maritime climate.

The main industries in Belfast are shipbuilding, aircraft, linen textiles, petrochemicals, food processing, etc. The shipbuilding industry has a long history, and the famous Titanic was built in the city. Today, Belfast is actively developing new high-tech industries on the basis of original industries, and injecting new vitality into this ancient city. Belfast Harbour has a water area of 146 hectares and a total quay shoreline of about 13 kilometers. The city has two airports connecting almost all major cities in Britain.

The Belfast Art Festival, held every November, is one of the few major arts festivals in the United Kingdom. Queen's University Belfast is one of the ten oldest universities in the UK and a member of the Russell Group. The joint program with China Medical University has become a model of Sino-British cooperation.

In May 2016, Shenyang and Belfast became sister cities.

City Scenery

▲Panoramic view of Belfast

Belfast at night

▲Belfast Lough

Belfast Lough is located on the northeast coast of Northern Ireland, in the North Channel between the Irish Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and is 20 kilometers long and 4.8-8 kilometers wide.

Belfast City Hall

Completed in 1906, it is a testimony to the success of the industrial revolution in Belfast. It is known as a masterpiece of Renaissance style. The interior is decorated with Italian marble and frescoes. The picture shows the city hall lit up in Chinese Red during the Lunar New Year.

Queen's University Belfast

Founded by Queen Victoria in 1845, it is a long-established British university, a member of the Russell Group, and has three Nobel Prize winners from the university.

Titanic Museum

The Titanic Museum, the largest in the world, was completed and opened to visitors in 2012 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. There are 9 exhibition halls inside, using technological special effects to show the whole process of the design, construction and sinking of the Titanic.

Belfast Castle

Built in the 1870s and located in Belfast's Cave Hill Country Park, Belfast Castle offers panoramic views of the city and is now used as a venue for conferences, weddings, celebrations and more.

Saint Anne's Cathedral

Saint Anne's Cathedral, built in 1904, is the best known and most popular church in the area. Its architectural style, inlay work and stone carving art are unique and amazing.

Botanical Garden

Built in Victorian England, it is the world's first cast iron greenhouse with a collection of palm plants from around the world and is an important part of Belfast's Victorian heritage.

Christmas Market

Street Art

Shopping Center