Source: Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Goverment of Shenyang Municipality 2022-06-16

Time of contracting

Shenyang overcame the adverse impact of the international spread of the epidemic,and innovated the"cloud foreign affairs"exchange mode.Shenyang successfully tied up with Karachi,Pakistan as a sister city on December 9,2021,making Karachi the 22nd sister city of Shenyang.

Walking into Karachi

1.Basic information of the city

Karachi is the capital of Sindh Province of Pakistan,with a population of about 20 million and an area of 3,527 square kilometers,making it the largest city in Pakistan.

2.Geographical location

Karachi is located on the southern coast of Pakistan,northwest of the Indus Delta,south of the Arabian Sea,on the plain between the Lehri and Malir rivers.


Karachi has a subtropical desert climate,with scorching temperatures and little rain for most of the year.The average minimum temperature in winter(January and February)is 13 degrees Celsius,and the average maximum temperature in summer(May and June)is 34 degrees Celsius.Rainfall is scarce,with an average annual precipitation of only 200 mm.

4.Pillar industries

Industry and trade are the two main pillars of Karachi's economy.The main industries are textiles,shoes and boots,metal products,machinery(automobile assemblies,aircraft repair),electronics,chemicals,food,rubber products and petroleum products.Handicraft products include handwoven cloth,lace,tapestry,pottery,bronze and gold and silver embroidery.There are many financial institutions such as banks,insurance companies and stock exchanges.

5.Friendly exchanges

In August 2018,Mr.Wassam Akhtar Khan,Mayor of Karachi,Pakistan,led a delegation to visit our city,during which the mayors of the two cities jointly signed the Letter of Intent to Establish Sister City Relations between Shenyang,People's Republic of China,and Karachi,Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

In December 2018,a delegation from Shenyang visited Karachi and held the"Belt and Road"Friendship and Cooperation-2018 China Shenyang Photo Exhibition in Karachi,Pakistan,participated in the"Building Asia"2018 Pakistan Construction Materials and Construction Machinery Exhibition,and promoted a number of economic and trade projects of Shenyang Municipal Transportation Bureau,Shenyang Wuai Industry Group and Yuanda Group.

On March 28,2019,in order to implement the consensus reached by the leaders of China and Pakistan and further promote the exchange and cooperation between local governments of China and Pakistan,the working group of Shenyang Municipal Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries was invited by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and the Liaoning Provincial People's Association for Friendship With Foreign Countries to participate in the China-Pakistan Sister Province and City Cooperation Forum held by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries in Beijing.

In April 2020,Shenyang donated 20,000 medical facial masks to Karachi.

In December 2021,the two cities signed an agreement to establish the sister city relationship.