Source: Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Goverment of Shenyang Municipality 2021-02-24

Contracting moment

Shenyang overcame the adverse impact brought by the spread of the international epidemic and made innovations in the "cloud foreign affairs" exchange mode. On September 30, 2020, Shenyang successfully established a sister city relationship with Braga, Portugal, opening up a new method and new path of sister city work in the special period. Braga became the 21st sister city of Shenyang.

Enter Braga City

1. Basic information of the city

Braga, the capital of Braga District, has a population of 180,000 and an area of 183.4 square kilometers. It is the third largest city in Portugal and is considered the oldest Christian archdiocese in Portugal and the world, and is known as the "Rome of Portugal".

2. Location

Braga is a city in northern Portugal, located in the hilly terrain northeast of Porto and upstream of the Estre River.

3. Climate

Braga is 190 meters above sea level and 30 kilometers from the ocean. It has a temperate maritime climate. Summer is sunny with an average temperature of 20.9℃, while winter is mild and rainy with an average temperature of 8.8℃. Rainfall is abundant, up to 1465 mm per year.

4. Soccer industry

Braga has a well-developed sports industry, especially in soccer, with Sporting Club Braga, a soccer club founded in 1921. Braga's home ground is located at the Braga Municipal Stadium, which was awarded the runner-up in the Taca da Liga for the 2020-2021 season on January 24, 2021.

5. Friendly interaction

In June 2016, the General Secretary of Liga Portugal, Ileana Romfandia, led a four-member delegation, including Hugo Varela, founder and CEO of Portuguese Football Friends Sports, to visit our city. During the discussion with our city, the third largest city in Portugal, Braga, expressed its intention to establish a sister city relationship with Shenyang.

In September 2017, Nie Hongsheng, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Shenyang Municipal People's Congress, visited Braga, called on Vice Mayor Vermino Marguez and reached a consensus on strengthening the inter-university partnership between University of Minho in Braga and Shenyang University and signing a cooperation agreement with Shenyang in the fields of economy, trade and sports.

In October 2017, at the invitation of our city, Ricardo Rio, Mayor of Braga led a delegation to visit Shenyang, Vice Mayor Zhang Jinghui met with the delegation and signed a letter of intent with Mayor Rio to establish sister city relations between the two cities.

In March 2020, Shenyang and Braga shared their experience in epidemic prevention and control and urban public health crisis management through teleconference, pioneering a first for local governments in China.

In March 2020, Shenyang donated 500 sets of protective clothing and 10,000 disposable medical facial masks to Braga.

In April 2020, Braga signed a medical supplies procurement contract with our city's Northeast Pharm Import and Export Trading Company for 121,713 US dollar, or about 864,000 RMB Yuan.

In September 2020, the two cities signed an agreement on the establishment of sister city relations.