Source: Foreign Affairs Office of the People's Goverment of Shenyang Municipality 2021-11-05

Contracting moment

In order to further strengthen the friendly exchange between Shenyang and Daejeon, South Korea, the two cities decided to form sister city relations after consultation. On July 29, 2013, Shenyang and Daejeon, South Korea held a signing ceremony for the establishment of sister city relations in Shenyang Guest House. The two cities will carry out various forms of exchanges and cooperation in economy, trade, science and technology, culture, education, sports and health according to the principle of mutual benefit. Chen Haibo, Mayor of Shenyang, and Yum Hongchul, Mayor of Daejeon respectively signed the protocol on behalf of the two cities.

The conclusion of the sister city between Shenyang and Daejeon opens a new chapter of mutual promotion and common development between the two cities, and brings the economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between the two sides to a new stage. At the same time, the two cities will take the conclusion of sister city relations as an opportunity to further consolidate and develop traditional friendship, promote exchanges and cooperation, achieve complementary advantages, joint development and common progress.

Basic information of the city

Located in the heart of South Korea, Daejeon Metropolitan City covers an area of 540 square kilometers and has a population of 1.5 million (as of 2013). It is the fifth largest city in South Korea and the capital of Chungcheongnam-do. The major industries include IT, R&D, logistics, service industry, and exhibition industry. Daejeon Metropolitan City is South Korea's science and technology center, with the 70.2 square kilometer DaeDeok valley, known as the "Silicon Valley of South Korea."

Daejeon Metropolitan City is also the administrative center of South Korea. Currently, 12 government agencies, including the Korea Customs Service, the Procurement Office, the Patent Office, the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea, the Korea Forest Service, the Korean Intellectual Property Office, the Military Manpower Administration Of Korea, the Small and Medium Business Office, the Statistics Office, and the National Archives, are located in Daejeon Metropolitan City.


Daejeon Metropolitan City is located at latitude 36°10′50″-36°29′47″ North and longitude 127°14′54″-127°33′21″ East, in the south-central part of the Korean Peninsula. In terms of South Korea, it is located in the center of South Korea and was formerly part of Chungcheongnam-do, which was a road crossing to Yeungnam and Honam. Daejeon is surrounded by mountains, with Gyeryong National Park on the west. The three rivers flow from south to north through Daejeon Metropolitan City and eventually merge into the Kumgang River, the third largest river in Korea. Daejeon Metropolitan City is 167.3 km from Seoul, the capital in the north, and 294 km from Busan, an important city in the south. Due to its special geographical location and well-developed urban functions, it has become an important transportation hub and information center in South Korea.

Daejeon has convenient transportation and is near Cheongju International Airport. It is also the intersection of Gyeongbu Line, Honam seon, Gyeongbu Expressway, and Honam Expressway. It is the headquarters of Korean National Railroad. Daejeon is only 50 minutes away from Seoul by high speed train, which connects Daejeon with other parts of Korea like a bond. With Daejeon Metropolitan City as the center, visitors can visit various scenic spots in central Korea. The Cheongju International Airport, located only 35 kilometers from Daejeon, connects Daejeon to the rest of the world and completes the image of Daejeon as an international city.

Scenic spot

EXPO Science Park, Yuseong Spa, Kubongsan Mountain Red Leaves, Jangtae Mountain Recreation Forest, Daecheong Lake, Jijusan Mountain, Seokjang Mountain, and Bomunsan Mountain are designated as the "Eight Views of Daejeon" by the Daejeon Metropolitan Government.

Daejeon Metropolitan City was the host city of the 1993 World Expo. The original site of the Expo has now become the Expo Park. Many Expo landmarks such as the Bright Tower and the World Expo Bridge are still in the Expo Park. Next to the Expo Park is the National Science Museum of South Korea, which opened in 1990.

The Daejeon Metropolitan City Museum of Art is an art museum that combines art and technology. The museum has hosted numerous exhibitions since its establishment in 1998.

Daejeon Metropolitan City Cultural Arts Center is the main venue for Daejeon Symphony Orchestra performances. The orchestra has recently completed several international performances, including in the United States and Japan.

Built for the 2002 World Cup, the Daejeon Metropolitan City World Cup Arena hosted several World Cup matches, including the match between South Korea and Italy. The stadium is currently the home of K-League team Daejeon Citizen F.C.

Daejeon Baseball Stadium is the home field of the Korean Baseball Committee Hanwha Eagles.

Friendly Exchanges

Shenyang and Daejeon Metropolitan City(Daejeon for short)became sister cities in 2003.Over the past 10 years,the two cities have carried out fruitful exchanges and cooperation in the fields of economy,trade,science and technology,education and so on.Daejeon is currently the only Korean city that has established a representative office in Shenyang.In 2012,the two cities reached a consensus and signed a letter of intent on becoming sister cities.

In March 2003,when visiting Korea,Chen Zhenggao,mayor of Shenyang,signed an agreement of establishing twinning relationship between the two cities with Yeom Hong-cheol,mayor of Daejeon.Meanwhile,Shenyang Science and Technology Bureau signed a cooperation and exchange agreement with Daejeon High-Tech Industry Revitalization Consortium.In July,Choo Ji-zan,vice mayor of Daejeon,visited Shenyang and participated in an activity named"Korea Week".Shenyang-(Korea)Daejeon High-Tech Industry Cooperation Promotion Association was established in Shenyang and held the"Shenyang-Daejeon Software Technology Exchange Conference".In October 2003,Daejeon established a representative office in Shenyang.

In February 2004,Daejeon Advanced Industry Revitalization Consortium organized 10 Korean high-tech star enterprises to visit Shenyang,and jointly held the"Shenyang-Daejeon IT Industry Project Matchmaking Conference"and"Daejeon IT Industry-Neusoft Group Project Matchmaking Conference"with Shenyang Science and Technology Bureau.

In April 2004,the Shenyang delegation visited Daejeon.In May,Daejeon Advanced Industry Revitalization Consortium,together with Korea IT Industry Cooperation Business Group,organized 11 IT enterprises to visit Shenyang and held the"China-Korea IT Industry Cooperation Exchange Conference".In July,during the"2004 Northeast Asia High-Tech and Products Expo",Choo Ji-zan,vice mayor of Daejeon,led a government and enterprise delegation of 27 people to Shenyang for participation in the exhibition;Shenyang Science and Technology Bureau organized a delegation to attend the scientific celebration exhibition held in Daejeon at the same time.

In May 2005,Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau sent two employees to Daejeon to carry out human resources research and studies.

In July 2006,Jung Jin,vice mayor of Daejeon,visited Shenyang and participated in the"Korea Week".In October,Daejeon sent a delegation to participate in the 14th World Productivity Congress held in our city.

In May 2007,Daejeon sent a delegation to participate in the"Korea Week".In October,the Shenyang Foreign Affairs delegation visited Daejeon.In May 2008,Park Chan-woo,vice mayor of Daejeon,attended the"Korea Week"and the two cities signed the Memorandum on Strengthening Science and Technology Exchanges.

In April 2009,Shenyang youth delegation visited Daejeon for friendly exchanges.In October,Daejeon sent a delegation to participate in the Northeast Asia Development Forum held in our city.In November,Shenyang youth delegation visited Daejeon for friendly exchanges.

In July 2010,Daejeon youth delegation visited our city for friendly exchanges.

In May 2011,Shenyang youth delegation visited Daejeon for friendly exchanges.In October,Daejeon delegation visited Shenyang and held a Business Matchmaking and Exchange Conference.

In April 2012,Lee Chang-jiu,supervisor of Daejeon International Trade Division,led a delegation to visit Shenyang.In May,Shenyang organized and led a delegation of chefs from Chopsticks Catering Co.,Ltd.to visit Daejeon and participate in the"2012 Chef Conference"activities held in Daejeon;Daejeon delegation visited Shenyang at the same time and held a briefing session on investment attraction and business matching activities.In August,Daejeon youth delegation visited our city for friendly exchanges.In December,Shenyang delegation visited Daejeon.

In April 2013,Deajeon delegation visited Shenyang.On July 29th,Shenyang and Daejeon formally signed the agreement of establishing twinning relationship between the two cities.In October,the working group of Shenyang Foreign Affairs Office visited Daejeon and participated in the activities of"Daejeon Sister City Promotion Hall Opening Ceremony in 2013";A delegation headed by Kim Jang-won,supervisor of the General Affairs Division of Daejeon,visited the city at the same time and held in-depth discussions with the relevant departments regarding the regular exchange training program for civil servants between the two cities.

In July 2016,a delegation of Korean entrepreneurial and innovative talents,led by Professor Choi Jong-hee of Hanam University in Daejeon,visited our city to carry out the"China-Korea Entrepreneurial and Innovative Talents 20 Training Program"together with TechBoard Group.

In September 2017,Shenyang Foreign Affairs and Trade Working Group went to Daejeon to participate in the"Asia-Pacific City Summit in 2017".

In July 2018,Shenyang Foreign Affairs Working Group visited Daejeon.The Group visited mayor Heo Tae-jeong and conveyed the congratulatory letter from mayor Jiang Youwei,and invited mayor Heo Tae-jeong to lead a delegation to participate in the"18th World Winter City Mayors'Conference"held in our city.

In September 2018,Park Young-soon,vice mayor of Daejeon,led a delegation to visit Shenyang and participate in the"18th World Winter City Mayors' Conference".