This place in Shenyang is going to change!
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-03-16

Shenyang will have new changes again!

Right here in Tiexi District!

Xixiawan Area in Shenyang

will not only upgrade its "appearance",

but also upgrade its "temperament"

to be more "international".

On March 15,

Tiexi District

(Economic and Technological

Development Zone,

China-Germany Equipment Manufacturing

Industrial Park in Shenyang)

officially released

"Xixiawan Area•International City"

international cultural and business

exchange center plate planning!

It proposes to build

"birthplace of new economy,

international humanistic urban area,

intelligentialized future urban area

and green ecological urban area"

in the west of Shenyang.

According to the planning, the "Xixiawan Area•International City" plate is located at the Xixiawan Area in the core area of China-Germany Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park in Shenyang. The planning area extends to the 15th Hunhe Street in the east, the 18th Hunhe Street in the west, the 22nd Kaifa Road in the north, and the Dadi Road in the south, with a planned area of about 3.6 square kilometers.

The spatial pattern of the plate is designed as "one belt, one bank, two centers, and multiple areas", namely, the Hunhe development belt, the International waterfront, the center of the Hunhe River and the gathering center for the youth, and the multi group future community.

"Xixiawan Area•International City" will focus on the empowerment of industrial parks, improve the function of urban services, and accommodate about 40,000 people to "live in the place where they work". At the same time, the project will match the needs of foreigners and enterprise staff working in the development zone and China-Germany Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park in Shenyang, improve the quality of service facilities, and create an international humanistic urban area.

At present, infrastructure and public service supporting projects such as education, medical treatment, commerce, park, road and transportation in and around the plate are under rapid construction.

Looking forward to it!