The national team "settles down" in Shenyang!
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-03-10

On March 9, the signing ceremony of the "Cooperative Establishing of the national junior women's hockey team" was held in Shenyang, which was the first time in recent years that a national team "settled down" in Shenyang.

This newly established team will prepare for the Asian and world junior women's hockey competitions, and strive to win the Summer Youth Olympic Games 2026 in Senegal.

Liaoning has always been a fertile land for hockey. The Liaoning women's hockey team was established in 1995 and has won many gold and silver medals in the National Games, the National Championships and the Champions Cup.

Nearly half of the China women's hockey team members come from Liaoning women's hockey team. The national junior women's hockey team jointly established this time will continue to train and provide talents for the country and contribute Liaoning's strength to the construction of a leading country in sports.

At present, the national junior women's hockey team is still in the selection stage. There are a total of 34 players in the team now, including 11 from Liaoning.

When the Shenyang base is completed in April, the team will take root in its new home and fully engage in training and preparation.

Let's look forward

to the wonderful performance

of the national junior

women's hockey team!