Future of Shenyang modern metropolitan area
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-03-08

As the weather gets warmer,

urban construction is about

to enter the golden period.

Recently, Shenyang issued

this year's investment plan

for the first phase

of urban construction projects,

arranging 284 projects

with a planned investment

of CNY 25.4 billion!

The projects cover:

↓ ↓ ↓

the construction

of Shenyang modern metropolitan area,

social and livelihood security,

cultural quality improvement,

green ecological optimization,

the improvement

of safety and security capabilities

and so on.

Focusing on the construction

of metropolitan area,

Shenyang will do these things this year!

In the first phase of the urban construction projects, focusing on the construction of Shenyang modern metropolitan area and improving the core functions of the central city, Shenyang will mainly implement the second phase of the construction of six expressways including Yuanjiang Street, the third ring interchange of Yuanjiang Street, and Xuesong Road Flyover, and continue to promote the fourth ring expressway upgrading project.

By continuously improving the urban expressway system and comprehensively building a convenient and smooth road network system, Shenyang will expand the metropolitan area with the traffic circle, gradually improve the "ring+radiation" expressway network in all directions, promote the upgrading of Shenyang's urban function level, and contribute to the integrated development of Shenyang modern metropolitan area.

In addition, Shenyang will also build a "metropolitan area on the rails", accelerate the implementation of five metro projects under construction, including the South Extension Line of Metro Line 2 and the East Extension Line of Metro Line 1, as well as the follow-up projects of Metro Line 9 and Line 10, and continue to promote projects such as the Shenyang-Changbaishan Passenger Dedicated Line and the outward relocation of Shenyang-Dandong Railway.

Shenyang will improve the urban traffic environment, enhance the public transport service capacity, optimize the comprehensive transport system, improve the quality of urban functions, and constantly strengthen the gathering, radiating and leading role of central cities.

Expand the metropolitan area

with the traffic circle,

and build

the convenient and smooth

road network.

The metropolitan area

is worth looking forward to!