Shenyang rises in rank!
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-02-21

Recently, the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China under the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the "2022 Evaluation Report on the Innovation Capacity of National Innovative Cities", which comprehensively evaluated 97 innovative cities in the country. Shenyang's innovation index was 62.43, ranking 18th, with 2 places higher than that in 2021.

Innovative cities refer to cities that take scientific and technological innovation as the core driving force of economic and social development, have complete and effective innovation governance, vigorous innovation subjects, efficient allocation of innovation elements, strong support of innovation platforms and strong competitiveness of economic innovation, and play a significant supporting and leading role in building innovative provinces and countries.

In recent years, Shenyang has deeply implemented the innovation-driven development strategy, focusing on improving the local conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements and the growth rate of scientific and technological enterprises. In 2023, Shenyang will take the construction of a national innovation-oriented city as the guide, promote the transformation and application of advanced applicable technologies, give full play to the supporting role of scientific and technological innovation in social development, continue to deepen reform and strengthen opening-up and cooperation, rely on scientific and technological innovation to improve the function level of urban development, and accelerate its progress towards the national regional scientific and technological innovation center and the national central city.