Shenyang ranks No.1 in Northeast China!
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-02-16

Foreign fund and foreign enterprises

have come in droves,

the China-Europe freight trains

connect thousands of miles,

international flights

reach every corners of the world…

This is Shenyang!

Shenyang has constantly broadened

its vision of international exchanges,

expanded the pattern of opening up,

innovated urban communication,

and continuously shaped

its international image!

While gaining higher attention

at home and abroad,

Shenyang has attracted

a large number

of international enterprises and people

to invest and live here!

Zhejiang University recently released

the "2022 China City

International Communication

Impact Index Report".


international communication impact

ranks 16th

among Chinese cities

including Hong Kong,

Macao and Taiwan regions,

and ranks No.1 in Northeast China!

In recent years, Shenyang has attached great importance to the international level promotion of the city and the international communication of the city image. At present, there are 23 sister cities and 78 cities with friendly cooperative relations in Shenyang.

China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition, Global Industrial Internet Conference, the International Rowing Masters Tournament, the "Shenyang in the Eyes of Foreigners" theme party... With the help of the external window of the central media and overseas mainstream media, the brand activities with Shenyang labels were released in dozens of countries and regions around the world.

A series of opening-up measures in Shenyang have been intensified. As of December last year, Shenyang has achieved trade exchanges with more than 220 countries and regions around the world. Shenyang is the central city of foreign exchanges in Northeast China.

With the continuous expansion of Shenyang's international impact, more and more foreigners choose to come here to invest, study, work and live. Shenyang has also gradually stepped up efforts to promote the construction of urban internationalization. As of August last year, Shenyang has built 3 international communities, 6 international schools, 1 international hospital and 9 foreign-related designated hospitals.

Open, inclusive and energetic!

This is Shenyang!


more domestic and foreign friends

to take root and realize their dreams

in Shenyang!