The beauty of early spring in Shenyang is here!
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-02-22

After the Rain Water,

the temperature of the city

began to rise significantly.

In the south of the city,

the ice layer on the Hunhe River

is gradually disappearing.

The melting river

restored its murmur of water.

Ice floes of different shapes

float on the water

independently or together,

changing their shapes

with the interaction of day and night,

as well as cold and warm.

In the bird's-eye views,

the connection of ice and water

forms a distinct natural curve.

From a distance,

it looks like a freehand ink painting.

The white snow,

the tree shadows

and the newly melted river

constitute the unique scenery

in the early spring of the North.

When the spring breeze blows,

the ice layer narrows again.

Given some time,

without waiting for us to look back,

the world will be full of spring again.

At present,

the newly melted river in the city

seems to have sound shadow.

It is winter saying goodbye to spring.

The scene

is an agreement

to see each other next year.

The rotation of the four seasons

has started,

and the time left for them is numbered.

Go to the newly melted river

to view the scene again

and say goodbye to the winter!