The total area of wetlands in Shenyang is about 80,000 hectares
Source: Shenyang Daily 2023-02-02

February 2 is the 27th World Wetlands Day. Wetlands are known as the "kidney of the earth" and are regarded as "biological supermarkets" due to the rich variety of animals and plants. On February 1, the reporter interviewed Guo Tingyue of the Ecological Reservation Management Department of Shenyang Municipal Natural Resources Bureau.

Since 1970, at least over 35 percent of the world's wetlands have been lost. But in Shenyang, the ecological condition of wetlands is continuing to improve. Guo Tingyue said that since 2019, Shenyang has won more than 40 million RMB Yuan in wetland protection and restoration funds, and has steadily carried out wetland protection and restoration projects such as Liaozhong Puhe River, Kangping Liaohe River, Faku Huanzidong Reservoir and Kangping Wolong Lake.

At present, the total area of wetlands in Shenyang is about 80,000 hectares, and 2 ecological reservations of wetland type have been built, namely Kangping Wolong Lake Provincial Ecological Reservation and Xianzi Lake Municipal Ecological Reservation (Liaozhong District and Xinmin City). There are 4 national-level wetland parks, namely Kangping Liaohe River, Faku Huanzidong, Shenbei Seven Stars and Liaozhong Puhe River National Wetland Park. There is one provincial wetland park, which is the Qipan Mountain Xiuhu Lake Provincial Wetland Park. There are 7 provincial-level important wetlands in Shenyang that are included in the management of Liaoning's important wetland list, including Kangping Wolong Lake, Faku Huanzidong and Shenyang Xianzi Lake, in addition to Kangping Santaizi Reservoir, Kangping Sidaohao Reservoir, the eastern section of Puhe River (Yuhong District, Hunnan District and Shenbei New District) and the western section of the Puhe River wetlands (Yuhong District and Xinmin City).

Shenyang wetland has become an important "species gene pool", more than 70 percent of the world's cranes stop by Shenyang Wolong Lake, Huanzidong Reservoir and Xianzi Lake. Through the observation of birds in Wolong Lake in the past five years, the number of bird species in Wolong Lake has increased from 220 to 230, and the number of migrating birds has increased from 1 million at the beginning to 1.2 million.

Reporter Yu Hai