Youth skiers gather in Shenyang
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-01-31

Dressed in colorful and beautiful

ski clothes,

skiers on cool skis

ski down

from the top of the mountain quickly,

rush to the finish line…

On January 30, Future Stars · 2022-2023 China Youth Skiing Open (Shenyang) was held at Shenyang Northeast Asia Skiing Resort, where more than 200 youth skiers competed.

China Youth Skiing Open is a key youth event that the Chinese Ski Association builds in accordance with the International Ski Federation competition standards after the Beijing Olympic Winter Games.

It aims to explore more excellent youth skiers through the "Future Stars" selection plan.

Among the contestants, Shi Juntong, who was wearing a red ski suit, was particularly eye-catching.

"I am very excited to participate in the national skiing competition in my hometown. This competition gives me the opportunity to exercise myself and compete with many ace skiers."

Kong Yuchen, 11 years old, came to Shenyang from Beijing to participate in the competition this time. Although she is young, she has been involved in skiing for 8 years.

"This is my first time to come to Shenyang. The ski resort here is very beautiful and the quality of the ski trails is high. I have won the third place nationwide before. I will try to win the first place in this competition."

"Ski" to the future!

Come on, youth skiers!