Central media pay high attention to Shenyang
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-01-30

At the beginning

of the Chinese New Year,

everything takes on

a fresh and new look.

In recent days,

Shenyang's strong festive atmosphere,

measures to benefit the people,

and development results

have received continuous attention

from central media

such as China Media Group,

People's Daily, Guangming Daily,

and Xinhua Net.

❀Chinese New Year's Eve: Xinwen Lianbo reported Zhangjiatun Town of Shenyang. People who had a good harvest hung red lanterns and set up firewood stoves, and the farmyards were full of festive atmosphere.

❀Chinese New Year: The headline of Xinwen Lianbo focused on Shenyang Mudan Community, recording the new life and happy Chinese New Year in the old community.

❀The second day of lunar January: Laobeishi was shown in Xinwen Lianbo, and Xinhua News Agency focused on new Tiexi District.

❀The third day of lunar January: People's Daily reported Shenyang's rising consumption.

❀The fourth day of lunar January: Xinhua Net focused on Shenyang Probity Culture Art Work Exhibition, and Guangming Daily focused on the popular Shenyang Museum.

❀The fifth day of lunar January: People's Daily reported the Zhujia Fair, and People.cn reported the story of "sticking to the workplaces during the Chinese New Year holiday".

❀The sixth day of lunar January: Xinhua Net focused on the 2023 Shenyang Spring Lantern Festival, and the CCTV Live News focused on the Huangsi Temple Fair of Laobeishi.

In the articles and videos

of the central media

we can see:

the festive atmosphere contains

every Shenyang citizen

who work hard to live a better life.

Come on, Shenyang citizens!