Shenyang urban construction key projects set off a construction boom
Source: Shenyang Daily 2023-01-29

Just after the Spring Festival holiday, major key urban construction projects in Shenyang immediately sounded the bugle to accelerate construction and improve quality and efficiency. The reporter walked into a key project construction site, directly witnessed the construction scene in full swing.

On January 28, the first day of work after the holiday, the biting wind could not stop the city builders from returning to work. At the reconstruction site of Gongnong Bridge, there was a busy construction scene. The iron arm of the excavator was raised high, the loading car was shuttling back and forth, and the construction personnel were busy in a tense and orderly way... "During the Spring Festival holiday, we had 90 construction personnel and 33 management personnel staying on the front line to work on key difficult control projects. In order to make the builders feel warm and comfortable during the festival, the project department gave cotton-padded clothes, blankets and other Spring Festival gift bags to each remaining construction workers, and carefully organized recreational and sports activities such as ringtoss and movie watching, so that the construction workers could feel the warmth of home. The labor competition is currently being used to stimulate the construction personnel to learn from each other and catch up with each other to promote the completion of the project construction as scheduled."Zhai Jingshuan, the head of the project department of China Railway First Group Co., Ltd. Gongnong Bridge Renovation Project, said.

The renovation project of Gongnong Bridge starts from the south side of the 2nd Ring Road in the north and ends at Nandi Road in the south. Up to now, 348 bored piles have been designed for the renovation project and 327 have been completed, with a completion rate of 93.97 percent. 117 bearing platforms has been designed, 10 of which have been completed, with a completion rate of 8.5 percent. 107 pier columns have been designed, and 3 have been completed cumulatively, with a completion rate of 3 percent. The island cofferdam under the bridge has been fully completed.

The construction of a multi-dimensional parking garage, which has attracted much attention from the public, also pressed the "fast forward button."The construction project of Shenyang dynamic and static traffic Huiminxinju Community parking lot in Shenhe District started construction in October 2022 and is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Jin Kai, deputy chief engineer of the project of China Railway 7th Bureau, said: "We have completed the concrete pouring of the first and second sections and the bottom pouring of the third section. After the project resumed, the construction personnel are dismantling the formwork and constructing the later foundation construction, and the construction of the underground part is expected to be completed in mid-March".

The land area of Shenyang dynamic and static traffic Huiminxinju Community parking lot is 9,043 square meters, including a new three-storey above-ground, one-storey underground three-dimensional parking building, a four-storey complex building and an outdoor project, with a total construction area of 22,470 square meters. The total height of the building is 19.05 meters, including 114 bus parking spaces, 2 vehicle maintenance rooms, 1 washroom, 40 charging piles and equipment rooms for power supply, water supply and drainage, ventilation and fire fighting.

"On the first day of work after the holiday, we held a mobilization meeting for 6 dynamic traffic projects and 7 static traffic engineering projects in Shenyang Expressway Phase II. We have formulated an action plan for major projects, encouraged the idea that the beginning is to sprint, and the beginning is to be first, and carefully checked the project list to resume work."Said the related person in charge of Shenyang Dynamic and Static Traffic Investment and Construction Co., Ltd.

The relevant person in charge of Shenyang Urban and Rural Construction Bureau introduced that in 2023, as the first year of the three-year action to implement a new breakthrough in comprehensive revitalization, they will focus on key work, maintain the "fight" drive, "grab" state, "fight" momentum, "real" style, focus on building a national central city, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in key project construction, with the project start-up rate reaching more than 34 percent by the end of March and the project start-up rate reaching more than 70 percent in the first half of the year, so as to ensure that the construction tasks will be completed on schedule.

Reporter Yu Hai