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Featured cycling routes in Shenyang
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2024-03-19

Spring is coming,and cycling lovers can't wait to start their riding tour!

In the Wulihe Park, the Qipan Mountain,the Forest Park and more in Shenyang,groups of cycling lovers galloped past and became a beautiful scenery in spring.

Do you like cycling?Cycling lover Mu Jinsong,together with his partners,explored some high-quality cycling routes in Shenyang.Here are the details.

▶ Cycling Route 1

Ride from the "September 18" Historical Museum to the Faku Caihu Scenic Area.

Round trip distance: about 150 kilometers

Features: the road is flat, the traffic is not heavy, and the scenery along the way is beautiful.

▶ Cycling Route 2

Ride from the west gate of the Beiling Park to the Liaohe Qixing Wetland Park.

Round trip distance: about 90 kilometers

Features: the scenery along the way is fascinating.

▶ Cycling Route 3

Ride from the Changqing Bridge to the Ma'er Mountain.

Round trip distance: about 80 kilometers

Features: the scenery is fine.

▶ Cycling Route 4

Ride from the Changqing Bridge to the Qicai Valley and the Forest Park, and then to the north gate of the Qipanshan Mountain Scenic Area.

Round trip distance: nearly 110 kilometers

Features: there are villages, forests and lakes along the way; it is the hot route in the recent two years.

You may not know that there are many non-local cycling lovers experience these featured cycling routes in Shenyang.

Let's enjoy the free wind and the surrounding scenery.Towards happiness, set out!