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Youth development scenarios in Shenyang
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-05-05

On May 4, Shenyang Commission of Communist Youth League of China launched the "Shenyang Youth City Map" tour activity and launched 10 characteristic youth visiting routes covering 500 youth development scenarios, 30 youth demonstration scenarios and 5 comprehensive youth gathering scenarios, forming a "500+30+5" youth development scenarios system.

Route 1: Change and Development Tour

Shenyang has three world cultural heritage sites and over 1,500 historical and cultural relics. You can experience the development and changes of the city in these places.

Route 2: Red Ancestry Tour

By visiting a series of former sites, you will be encouraged to dare to sacrifice and innovate in taking responsibility.

Route 3: Pleasant Reading Tour

Experience the rich cultural resources and humanistic atmosphere of the city at Shenyang Municipal Library, Jiuwu Culture City, Laobeishi Chinese Character Theme Study, Youth Home in Anjianfa Community and other places.

Route 4: Cultural and Creative Tour

1905 Re-creative Space, Hongmei Park, Shenyang Art Museum, etc., will take you on a cultural and creative tour.

Route 5: Sci-tech Innovation Tour

You can experience the infinite charm of sci-tech innovation achievements in Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Museum, Shenyang Science Palace, EX Robot Future Science and Technology Museum and other places .

Route 6: Entrepreneurship and Employment Tour

China-Germany Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park in Shenyang, Hunnan International Software Park, Shenyang International Design Valley, etc., will take you to feel the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of young entrepreneurs and experience the entrepreneurial atmosphere together.

Route 7: Leisure and Entertainment Tour

Shenyang Botanical Garden (Shenyang Expo Garden) keeps you away from the hustle and bustle of the city; enter the Ma'er Mountain to enjoy leisure time of picking, fishing and sightseeing; come to Shenyang Strange Slope Scenic Area to experience the magical experience brought by nature.

Route 8: Life Enjoying Tour

You can visit the old streets to experience the fun of shopping and visit trendy markets in Shenyang Zhongjie, Taiyuan Street Pedestrian Street, K11 Shopping Art Center, MIXC, Wanda Plaza and other places .

Route 9: Featured Food Tour

Whether you are a young diner or a young traveler, Shenyang Xiguan Food Street, Ma's Shaomai, 858 Block, etc., will leave unforgettable memories for you.

Route 10: Sports and Health Tour

Go to Beiling Park, Dongling Park, Lilac Lake Park, Wulihe Park, etc., to experience the charm of outdoor sports and appreciate the beautiful scenery of all seasons.

Come to Shenyang and embark on a youthful date between youth and the city!