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Shenyang eco zone plugs recreational vehicle travel routes
Source: China Daily 2020-06-24

Recreational vehicle (RV) travel is fast becoming a new way of traveling and experts say that RVs are now being equipped with home facilities -- including beds, stoves, refrigerators, cabinets, sofas, dining tables and chairs, toilets, air conditioners, TVs, stereos and other furniture and appliances.

They say that these are fully functional and are enjoying increasing popularity among tourists.

Shenyang economic zone is a regional development area launched by the provincial government in Northeast China's Liaoning province, consisting of five cities in the province -- Shenyang, Anshan, Fushun, Benxi and Liaoyang.

Local officials said that the zone launched its summer tourism activities on June 17, including a recommendation for 10 RV travel routes in the zone as follows:

Route 1: A two-day RV tour to enjoy flowers and watch birds at Shenyang Expo Garden and enjoy the glorious sunset at the Qipan Mountain scenic area.

Route 2: A two-day RV tour to pick fruit and experience high altitude jumps at the Shenyang Caihu Lake scenic area .

Route 3: A two-day RV tour to climb mountain and hike at Benxi Dashi Lake and Laobiangou Valley.

Route 4: A two-day RV tour to experience folk customs and play with water at Benxi Maple Valley.

Route 5: A two-day RV tour to explore the ancient city's culture and enjoy the European-style gardens in Liaoyang.

Route 6: A two-day RV tour to enjoy the countryside view in Hehuogou and Libiyu in Liaoyang.

Route 7: A two-day RV tour to enjoy the mountain view and hot springs at Qianshan Mountain in Anshan.

Route 8: A two-day RV tour to explore Yaoshan Mountain and jade in Xiuyan Manchu autonomous county in Anshan.

Route 9: A two-day RV tour to explore Saerhu and Xinbin in Fushun.

Route 10: A two-day RV tour to climb the Three Stones and explore the source of Hunhe River in Fushun.