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The tourist routes for May Day holiday
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2021-04-26

What travel plans do you have for the upcoming May Day holiday?

Shenbei New District specially launched five characteristic tourist routes for the May Day holiday,covering food, lodging, travelling,shopping and entertainment.Let's take a look!

Route 1
Two-day tour for flower viewing
Liaohe River National Wetland Park → Seven Star Mesa Scenic Area → Tambo Art Kingdom → Accomdation in Tambo Art Town → Daoyi City Flower Sea → Seven Star Ocean World → Chinese Xibo Museum
Route 2
Two-day tour for parent-child fun
Shenyang Strange Slope → Siberian Tiger Park → Lunch at Beitang Hot Spring → Xinchengzi Strawberry Picking Garden → Fantawild Adventure → Accommodation in Fantawild Garden Hotel → Millennium Park Mirage Show
Route 3
Two-day tour of cultural studies
Paleontological Museum of Liaoning → Seven Star Ocean World → Tour and have lunch at Shenyang Qinghe Peninsula Hot Spring → Assault Alliance → Accommodation in Qingjing Homestay → Strange Slope and Tiger Garden
Route 4
One-day tour for leisure and shopping
Qianruida Water World → Park Outlets → Daoyi Luminous Promenade → Accommodation in Beitang Hot Spring
Route 5
One-day tour for industrial quest
Cailuo Everbright Environmental Waste Recycling Sightseeing Park → Cailuo Cherry Picking Garden → Kangfu Food → Yanjing Liquor Shop → Xiguli Cultural Leisure Town
So many fantastic places,where do you want to pick the most?