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Nature + Fitness: Shenyang Spring Tour Cycling Route
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2020-05-12

In Shenyang,there are two routes that shouldn’t be missed during the spring tour.

Virgin forest cycling tour

Route: Shenyang East Station-Dongzhan Street-Northeast Road-Dongwang Street-Shenping Highway (Provincial Highway 103)-Guanqi Road (Provincial Highway 103)-See Shenyang National Forest Park signs then ride to north.

Advantages: Green plants are widely distributed, the air is fresh, and you may encounter small squirrels.

Shenyang National Forest Park has high vegetation coverage,sound riding facilities and diverse recreational projects such as mountain climbing,fishing, and picking.

Urban Fitness Cycling Tour

Route: Olympic Fitness Road westbound-> Wulihe Park-> Shenshuiwan Park-> Luoshijuan Ecological Park-> Olympic Ecological Park.

Advantages: Beautiful environment, fresh air, smooth road and easy to ride.

Riding in Wulihe Park can soothe your nervous nerves.

On the way to Shenshuiwan Park,you can stop near Shanmen Temple for sightseeing and working out.

The Luoshijuan Park is where the Evening Ferry of Hunhe River locates,you can feel the perfect fusion of modern landscape and ancient charm.