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"Vitality charm": Shenyang National Games Cycling Tour
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2021-05-11

Cycling Tour

Enjoy your great time freely here: the "National Games Cycling Tour" route takes you to experience the dynamic and tasteful new district--Hunnan District.

Duration of cycling tour: 2 hours

Riding difficulty: ★★★ ☆☆

Specific route: Baita Park-Quanyun 5th Road-Central Park-Quanyun 3rd Road-Mozishan Sports Park's Huanshan Road-Quanyun 5th Road-Quanyun North Road (Shenben Street) Tiantan South Street-Olympic Sports Park of the Olympic Sports Center

Advantages: fewer cars, fewer people, most roads are newly paved, and road conditions are excellent.

Central Park is the green lung of Shenyang's urban area. The famous "Colorful Music Fountain" is a must-see place for sightseeing and punching.

There are also Liaoning Science and Technology Museum and Liaoning Exhibition Hall around the park.

Here, you can not only feel the natural beauty, but also enrich the knowledge of science, technology and culture.

Mozishan Park is two kilometers east to the Central Park.

The road here is wide and the view is broad. Green grass and flowers are on both sides of the road. It's a good place for cycling.

Tip: There are no dedicated non-motorized lanes on some roads, please pay attention to your safety.