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Recommended spring cycling routes in Shenyang (2)
Source: China Daily 2020-04-29

Shenyang -- capital of Northeast China's Liaoning province -- has unveiled glorious 10 spring cycling routes, allowing cyclists to enjoy the beauty of the city's springtime, while keeping fit.

The following is the second part covering four recommended routes:

4. Urban cycling tour: Olympic Eco-park -- Wulihe Park -- Shenshuiwan Park -- Luoshiquan Eco-Park -- Olympic Eco-park

Cycling tour time: 2 hours

In recent years, Shenyang city has carried out a comprehensive transformation of both sides of the Hunhe River, making the mother river in Shenyang more beautiful. In Wulihe Park, lush vegetation can bring tranquility, soothing jangled urban nerves. The freshness and humidity of the air makes it ideal for cycling.

Shenshuiwan Park has a special bicycle riding pathway. There is also a Shanmen Temple at the southern end of Heping Avenue in the park, where you can take a break from your cycling to explore.

Luoshiquan Park is one of the eight scenic spots of the city during the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties. There is a 1,800-meter waterfront cycling pathway through the park.

5. Express way cycling tour: Shenyang 4th ring expressway

Cycling tour time: one full day

Shenyang 4th ring express way -- connecting Yong'an New City, Puhe New City, Xinchengzi New City, Shenfu New City, Hunnan New City, Tonggou New City, Shahe New City, Hunhe New City, Tiexi Industrial New City, and Hutai New City -- has a total length of 132 kilometers.

The express way runs through the six districts of Tiexi, Yuhong, Shenbei, Qipanshan, Dongling, and Sujiatun. There are three-meter wide bicycle fitness lanes on each side of the road. Separated by lines, it is a handy cycling route through the city. Setting up bicycle lanes on the ring road is unprecedented in Shenyang and an unusal thing even in the country. An added bonus is that this express way also comes with the best green landscape in Shenyang.

In addition, there are many bicycle resting spots and supply stations under construction along the way. This route is a professional-level cycling route suitable for experienced cyclists.

6. Cultural cycling tour: Shenyang Palace Museum -- Shenyang Catholic Church

Cycling tour time: 50 minutes

This route covers cultural landmark buildings in Shenyang city.

Shenyang Palace Museum, located in the center of Shenyang city, is a former imperial palace from the early Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It was firstly built in 1625 and since the end of the monarchy in China, the palace has been converted into a museum.

Shenyang Catholic Church is the oldest catholic church in Shenyang and was built by a French priest. Reconstructed in 1912, the church is a typical example of Gothic architecture.

This cycling route is near Zhongjie Street, China's first commercial pedestrian street and cyclists can take time out to have a rest and eat some snacks there.

Shenyang Palace Museum. [Photo provided to]

7. Historical cycling tour: Dagoba bottomland park -- Liaoning University -- Beiling Park

Cycling tour time: 2-3 hours

The most interesting sites of this route are concentrated in Huanggu district.

The dagoba was built in the Liao Dynasty (916-1125) and is a historical landmark in Shenyang city. Dagoba bottomland park opened to the public in 2009 and was upgraded in 2014 and a stele forest is located in the park.

Cycling east along the North Canal, you will see the old campus of Liaoning University. You can stroll in the campus among the old buildings and eat inexpensive food at a number of uni canteens.

Continue cycling east along the North Canal for about 10 minutes and you will arrive at the Beiling Park. It is a great place to enjoy Chinese traditional garden architectural art and a beautiful natural landscape.

Beiling Park. [Photo provided to]