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Tiexi Industrial Tourism Routes are waiting for you
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2020-10-16
Consider to come to the most welcomed industrial tourism nowadays?Then come to Tiexi District of Shenyang!Here are 5 unique industrial tourism routes which can take you to explore the secrets of industrial civilization.


Industrial Rise Tour

◮Route: Industrial Museum→Beiyi Road Wanda Plaza→Heavy Cultural Plaza→1905 Cultural and Creative Park


New Industrial Culture Tour

◮Route: Hongmei Cultural and Creative Park → Tiexi Square → The Mixc → 024 Food Street


Industrial Leisure Tour

◮Route: Labor Park → Fairy Lake Park → Han Di Yuan


Energetic Impression Tour

◮Route: Forest Park→Fitness Center→Siwei Sports→Star Mall


International Style Tour

◮Route: Hunhe West Canyon → Sino-German International Community → BMW Brilliance Factory → Yunhui Town

A century of industrial dream-making history is waiting for you to read.The splendid and rich charm of industrial culture will satisfy your infinite curiosity and reverie.