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Recommended spring cycling routes in Shenyang (1)
Source: China Daily 2020-04-22

Shenyang -- capital of Northeast China’s Liaoning province -- has unveiled glorious 10 spring cycling routes, allowing cyclists enjoy beauty of the city’s spring while keeping fit.

The routes were jointly launched by the Shenyang culture, tourism, radio, and television bureau and local website,

The following is the first part covering three recommended routes:

1. Wetlands cycling tour: Bird Island -- Dongling Park -- national fitness base

Cycling tour time: about 2 hours

Shenyang Bird Island is the only natural bird watching center in Shenyang. Many species of rare birds inhabit the 100,000-square-meter wetlands.

Fuling tomb in Dongling Park is one of the three world cultural heritages in Shenyang. Cyclists can ride through the path of an old apartment building the west side of the main entrance of Bird Island to enter the back hill of Dongling Park.

Cycling southeast from Dongling Park, you can see the national fitness base, where you can do a variety of exercises. It is one of the most popular health tourism places in Shenyang.

2. Lakes and mountains cycling tour: Shenfu Avenue -- Xiuhu Lake in Qipan Mountain

Cycling tour time: 2-3 hours

Cycling from Shenfu Avenue in the direction of Dongling Park and passing the Shenyang Expo Garden, you can go straight to the gate of Qipan Mountain and then cycle round Xiuhu Lake. With its charming mountain and water scenery, the place attracts a large number of cyclists from March to November each year.

In 2016, the greenway around Xiuhu Lake was renovated, which is 15.4 kilometers long and 4.5 meters wide. The paths for pedestrians and cyclists are separate.

In addition to cycling round Xiuhu Lake, visitors can also hike, fish and walk in the Qipan Mountain scenic area.

The Qipan Mountain scenic area in Shenyang. [Photo provided to]

3. Forest cycling tour: Shenyang National Forest Park

Cycling tour time: 3-4 hours

Cycling route: Shenyang East Railway Station -- East Station Street -- Northeast Road -- Dongwang Street -- Shenping Highway -- Guanqi Road -- Shenyang National Forest Park

Shenyang National Forest Park is located in Shenbei new area, boasting a complete natural forest with a forest coverage rate of up to 96 percent. With its high humidity and high negative ion content, it is an ideal place for forest cycling.

In addition to cycling, visitors can hike, fish, pick fruit and enjoy an ideal family together time at the park.

Shenyang National Forest Park. [Photo provided to]