Go for an appointment with birds and the wetland
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-04-03

On April 1, the "International Bird Day",The 1st Xinmin Xixi Lake Bird Watching Festival and Xinmin Spring Tour kicked off.With the Xixi Lake Bird Watching Festival as a symbol,Xinmin City officially launched the prelude to the 2023 rural leisure tour.

The 1st Xixi Lake Bird Watching Festival will take one month to hold the activities including bird watching competition, photography competition, fishing competition, photography popular science exhibition, poetry, calligraphy and painting exhibition and specialty intangible cultural heritage exhibition, to present a diverse bird watching festival with rich cultural connotation, distinctive regional characteristics and harmony between humanity and nature for tourists.

In the following spring, Xinmin City will also carry out a series of culture and tourism activities successively, including horse riding festival, kite flying festival, pear blossom festival in Majia Pear Garden, strawberry picking festival, and apple blossom festival.

Xixi Lake Wetland Park is located in Hutai Town, Xinmin City. Every year, more than a hundred rare birds such as Oriental White Storks, Grey Herons, Ruddy Shelducks and Mallards migrate here to rest.

Take advantage of the spring and go for an appointment with birds and the wetland!