The happiness of the night market is back
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-03-31

As the weather gets warmer,the night market becomes bustling again.Shenyang Caita Night Market is crowded with people.And it's jam-packed with people "shopping and eating" in the front of stalls.The entire street is filled with the enthusiasm of diners for delicacy.The happy night market belonging to Shenyang people is back!

"It's a nice day today, and I want to walk home from work. I purposely walk through the night market. I thought it was only in the middle of summer that the night market had such a lively scene, so I didn't expect it to be so lively on a spring evening. It's really beyond my expectation," said Chen Yu, a citizen who passed by the night market after work last night.

A stall owner of Caita Night Market said that the night market was located in a good area, surrounded by residential areas, and close to the subway. Many citizens love to come here at night. His stall serves a lot of guests every day, so he could hardly rest all night. It is expected that the sales amount would grow exponentially in the summer.

Currently, Shenyang municipal night economy demonstration (characteristic) blocks include Zhongjie Pedestrian Street, Taiyuan Street, Caita Night Market, Tawan Xingshun Night Market, Tiexi MixC Tomato Night Market, COFCO Xiangyun Town and other night economy characteristic blocks. Most of these blocks integrate various types of night economy businesses such as entertainment, leisure, performances, catering, sports, and 24-hour convenience stores.

Go to night markets to experience the "true taste" of the city!