A local guide for spring flower appreciation
Source: Shenyang WeChat Official Account 2023-03-24

The winter has gone,

the vibrant and vigorous spring

is coming to Shenyang with joy.

Let's take advantage

of this perfect time

to have a date

with the spring flowers!

What spring flowers

are there in Shenyang?

Where are they?

When will they blossom?

Here comes

the flower appreciation map!

Peach Blossom

✿ Flowering period: early April to late April

✿ Venue: places along the Weigong Open Channel in Tiexi District, Changbai Island Forest Park, Wulihe Park, everywhere in the city

Apricot Blossom

✿ Flowering period: early April to late April

✿ Venue: the apricot forest in Zhujia Sub-district of Hunnan District, Zhangqiang Town in Kangping County

Pear Blossom

✿Flowering period: mid-to-late April to May

✿ Venue: Ma'er Mountain, The Magic Slope of Shenyang

Cherry Blossom

✿ Flowering period: mid April to early May

✿ Venue: Changbai Island Forest Park, Cherry Blossom Garden of Shenyang Expo Garden, outside the Wensu Pavilion of the Shenyang Palace Museum, Nanhu Park


✿Flowering period: late March to early April

✿ Venue: "Magnolia King" in Shenyang Guest House, The Shenyang Palace Museum, Nanhu Park, Yijing Garden, Shenyang Expo Garden, Shenyang Garden Plant Specimen Garden


✿ Flowering period: April

✿Venue: Qingnian Park, Lilac Lake, Shenyang Expo Garden, streets and alleys, pocket parks


✿ Flowering period: May

✿ Venue: Tulip Garden of Shenyang Expo Garden, Beiling Park

Orychophragmus Violaceus

✿ Flowering period: mid-to-late April to May

✿ Venue: Beiling Park, Shenshuiwan Park, Hunnan Central Park, Hunhe River West Canyon, Wanquan Park


✿ Flowering period: April

✿Venue: Nanta Park, Bainiao Park


✿Flowering period: late April to May

✿ Venue: Changbai Island Park, river banks of the Hunhe River, Bishuihe Road

Mark this flower appreciation map

to have a spring date!